I do not like this page. I created this blog and kept my name kind of anonymous to give myself the freedom to write whatever I want to, with or without typos, and there, they ask you to write an ‘about’ page and now I’m wondering if I put too many commas in the previous sentence. I didn’t like definitions when I was in school either but apparently people like things to be defined clearly, especially when they are trying to decide whether to spend their precious time on this blog instead of looking at cat videos or people who might be happier than them on Fakebook.

As you can see, sometimes I use humor to talk my way out of difficult corners where I can’t find another escape route. But ok wait, stick around for a minute more. Here goes..

This is not a blog about apathy, but hopefully about how we can rise above it. Or maybe it’s about my personal struggle against apathy in daily life  (Read the first post for an example).

It won’t always be about lofty ideals or issues though. A lot of the times, I suspect it will just chronicle my journey down various rabbit holes, but hopefully I’ll give you something worth your time occasionally.

If you are still on this page, I congratulate you for your attention span and hereby demand more from it.

P.S: I welcome criticism but not death threats 

Another P.S: None of what I say here reflects the opinion or sanction of employers past, present or future, unless one of you reading this wants to hire me in future specifically to be associated with my views on things.